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The Next Generation of Successful Black Women in Africa: 

2020 Online Summit

Woman's Perspective of Moving to Africa

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Moving To Greater

Black women have the whole world at their fingertips, establishing careers, friendships and homes anywhere. We are versatile.


The New Generation Black Women's 2020 Online Summit invites you to join the day's conversations which will explore the best way to successfully relocate to Nigeria, the most populous country in Africa, and thrive in its growing economy. 

This summit is exclusively for young Black women aged 40 and under.


Meet the Panel

Brought to you by Anama & Sensei-M

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Host & CEO of Anama

The CEO and founder of Anama, Odiri is currently a Tax Consultant with an extensive background in Criminology. Having graduated from Lancaster University with an Honours in Criminology she went on to establish a career specialising in Corporate Fraud Risk Analysis. Adapting to the economic climate of the 2009 recession, Odiri devised an alternate career path, diving into Tax Consultancy. Anama was created to serve as a place for Black girls and women to learn more about African culture and provide mentoring opportunities. With a focus on global reach and digitalising mentoring, Odiri is ensuring that no Black girl's or woman's career prospects  is confined by their geographic location.


Anama will be accepting applications from individuals to be matched with powerful mentors. More details as to how to apply will be discussed in the Online Summit. 




Radio Presenter 

June's love of music has took her from London to Lagos, Nigeria in late 2016. By 2017, she became an overnight sensation whilst presenting the "Overnight Lounge" show on Cool FM. Her signature distinctive voice, described by adoring listeners as soothing and sultry brings Lagos alive in the cool of night. With over a decade of professional music experience, June Ubi has invaluable knowledge to share her wealth of experience via her new venture which will support and empower up and coming music artists.



Co-founder of Couvrez Organic Skincare and Author 

A proud mother of three and lawyer by profession, Cece is a prestigious globetrotter, hailing from Nigeria traversing to the likes of Paris, Zimbabwe and South Africa. She is the Co-founder of Couvrez Organic Skincare, a company focussed on the Natural Beauty and Ingredients for the Woman of Colour. She is author of "Efe's Lockdown Recipes" borne out of her passion and love for cooking and baking with a special focus on Culinary Therapy. 



CEO of Naborhi and IT Consultant 

CEO of Naborhi, Temisan brings high fashion to our doorsteps with authentic and unique collections of African Print Clothing and Accessories. Creating a bustling economy in Africa by investing in a team of designers, tailors and crafts people based in Africa. With a high conscientious approach to business, Temisan sources all Naborhi  fabrics from Africa aiming to promote African culture and provide employment opportunities. 



Co-Host & CEO of Sensei-M

The CEO and founder of Sensei-M, Cindy is a PhD Bioscience Research Scholar studying calcium signalling and mitochondria in eggs during  mammalian fertilisation. Her research has wider clinical implications of improving IVF procedures. She is a Black Activist and  public orator who advocates internationally for Black Equity and Black Human Rights. Deeply invested in improving access to education of the sciences, she is a private tutor who tailors each lesson to every one of her individual students and their learning requirements. With a growing interest in UK politics and highly valued perspectives, she has been invited to participate severally on BBC political broadcasts. 



Head Programme Management Unit, Nigeria Electrification Project 

Anita currently manages a $320m fund secured from the Nigerian federal budget, World Bank and the African Development Bank for phases 1, 2 and 3 of the Energising Education Programme. This programme seeks to provide off-grid solutions to supply clean, reliable, affordable and sustainable power to federal universities and teaching hospitals across Nigeria. Prior to her current role, Anita was a member of the advisory Power team in the Office of the Vice President of Nigeria. 



Edo State Coordinator 

Melissa is the Edo State Coordinator for the Rule of Law and Anti-Corruption Programme which is funded by the European Union and implemented by the British Council. She holds a Master's degree in Transnational Criminal Justice from the BPP, London and is a member of the Nigerian Bar. Her professional experience includes stints at the Office of the Vice President of Nigeria - including as Technical Assistant on Anti-Corruption and Justice Sector in the Office of the Vice President; the Country Office of the United Nations Office of Drugs and Crimes; and the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner on Human Rights. 

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