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Sensei-M, committed to making science simple.

About Sensei-M

Science communication and education can often seem out of our reach. Science can be understood if it is made simpler using a number of techniques. We are committed to opening up the world of science, especially now as we combat Covid-19. Please have a look at our blog where we discuss the latest research in a casual way but will challenge you to undertake some research yourself! 

It is our hope that via our online tutoring services that students will not fall behind and will return to their studies with increased confidence to tackle their scientific syllabus and exams. We aim to tailor sessions to each student, bringing to life everything that they are expected to learn. Please make a booking by clicking the ‘Book Online” button below. 

We hope to launch some live sessions that will be free of charge and share with you our research. You can RSVP for such sessions by clicking the ‘RSVP’ button below. 


Thank you for joining us here at Sensei-M, we look forward to sharing our understanding of science with you. 


Stay safe, 




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