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The Millennials networking atlas. 

Committed to making science, simple. 

Networking is an important aspect of career progression. Yet, knowing what to do to ensure that you develop a good network is not so easy. It is thought that Millennials network very differently from the generations before them and "traditional" networking events are not as exhilarating for the Millennial mind. 

Sensei-M was created with the vision to make networking easier and more natural for Millennials. Breaking the confines of normality, nurturing and encouraging meaningful and deep professional connections. 

Sensei-M bridges the gap between generations. Focussed on education, empowerment and excellence, we warmly welcome everyone who wants to grow into authentic versions of themselves to our platform. 

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"The tutor pitched everything perfectly and gave the student confidence in her subjects and in her abilities too."

Parent of tutee for Biology, Chemistry and Physics (GCSE)

"I never thought I would read the book but The Feminoires Book Tribe discussions were so invigorating that I placed my order right away!'

The Feminoires Book Tribe member


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